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Electronic intensive care unit

Berger has enhanced the intensive care unit (ICU) through our partnership with OhioHealth. Patients in our ICU have the added benefit of being connected to OhioHealth's electronic intensive care unit (eICU), providing an "extra set of eyes" through a two-way audio/video system. The eICU team and the bedside team are in constant communication to ensure patients get the best plan of care at all times.

How it works

The eICU uses a high-tech network to connect patient rooms to a single control center. Experienced critical care nurses and critical care specialists, called intensivists, closely watch patient progress using video, audio and vital sign monitors.

The eICU team makes "rounds" while patients are in a patient care unit, just like bedside nurses do. Reviewing medical records and looking in on patients through a camera is how the eICU team makes their rounds. There are also special alarms linked to patients' vital sign data. This helps the bedside care team to quickly adjust a patient's plan of care when needed. The intensivist can even perform a visual exam through a real-time camera, located on the ceiling of each ICU room. The eICU team is able to speak directly with physicians, nurses and others right at the patient's bedside.

These specialists don't replace your ICU physicians and nurses, but instead provide added support.

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