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Patient advocate

Few people are fully prepared for a trip to the hospital. Fewer still are ready to handle the health challenges that might move with them from the hospital room to their homes. At Berger Health System, we're here to help. We have two programs that are available as part of the Pickaway health services we provide. Read more about them here, and find out how you can use this help, both during and after your hospital stay.

The patient advocate program: One-on-one care

When you enter Berger Hospital, we'd like to do more than simply address your illness. We'd like to ensure that your entire stay is both comfortable and positive. That's why we have a patient advocate on staff. She can provide individualized support during your stay. Contact her with questions, concerns or feedback. She will address those issues right away.

Our advocate can also work with you when you leave the hospital. She can address any concerns you had about your visit, and she can ensure that all of your questions about your care are answered.

For more information, please contact our advocate, Jennifer Hedges, via email at or via phone at 740.420.8783.

Care management services: A team approach

Our care management team was created to plan, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the options and services we offer our clients. It's made up of a variety of Berger employees, including registered nurses, licensed social workers and case management experts. They work together to ensure that you have everything you need, both during and after your stay in Berger Hospital.

Our team can help you with:

  • Advocacy. We can help you understand and take advantage of your right to participate in decisions regarding your treatment. We can help you set up a DNR (do-not-resuscitate) status, and we can help you fill out advance directive paperwork. In addition, we can provide information on living wills and a durable power of attorney for healthcare (DPOAH). We can also talk with you about decisions regarding end-of-life, life support and related issues.
  • Extended care placement. We can help you make good decisions regarding nursing home care, and we can help you make those arrangements once you've made your choice. We can also assist with other living arrangements, such as assisted living and group homes.
  • Home care. We can arrange for treatment teams to offer follow-up care in your home, including mother-infant treatment teams. We can also help arrange medical equipment leases so you'll have the tools you need in your home when you're ready for discharge.
  • Information and referral. We assist with referrals to appropriate community resources, such as support groups and financial assistance or aid.
  • Specialty hospital transfer. If your condition requires care in another hospital, a rehabilitation facility or a residential treatment center, we can help arrange your transfer.
  • Transportation. We can arrange for your trip home or to another facility. And should you need outpatient care, we can arrange those trips too.

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