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For more than 85 years, Berger has been a vital part of Pickaway County. We are the largest community employer, contributing more than $22 million in salary and wages and more than $4.5 million in employee benefits in 2015 alone. We also contributed more than $200,000 in community health improvement services in 2015.

We want to continue to support our community—and improve the health and wellness services available to the residents of Pickaway County. That's why we're partnering with OhioHealth. As partners, we will pursue strategic opportunities and discover what can be accomplished for both our patients and our communities.

Why our partnership makes sense

Our partnership will enable Berger to meet—and more importantly, to overcome—difficult industry and local challenges.

The business of running hospitals is being turned upside down, and as a result, change is occurring in every hospital in the nation. Instead of acting independently, tomorrow's successful hospitals will partner with neighboring hospitals, physicians and post-acute care providers. That collaboration can ensure that these organizations survive and continue to serve their communities.

Our partnership with OhioHealth ensures that in the ever-changing medical field, we will continue to provide top-ranked care—and help our community thrive.

Continued and new benefits you can expect

At its core, the partnership between Berger and OhioHealth is a joint commitment by the two organizations to enable the community to receive expert care close to home. You may have already benefited from our collaboration. Our existing partner programs include:

Throughout this new strategic partnership, we will build upon these successes, and we will to continue to enhance local access to cardiology services, primary care, neuroscience and more.

Improving health in Pickaway County

Both of our organizations recognize Berger's value in connecting with patients, supporting the wellness needs of the community and contributing to the local economy. Berger's partnership with OhioHealth makes Berger stronger, ultimately enabling all of this to continue.

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